Hoka Conquest Review Paul Ali 03

Hoka Conquest Review

The subject of Hoka’s is one that can be divisive for runners. Since their introduction around 2010…

Paul Ali Inov8 Race ULTRA 10 Vest Pack 00 860x450

Inov-8 Race Ultra 10 Vest Pack Review

I had the opportunity to trial the new Inov-8 Race Vest 10 and my first impressions are detailed below.…

2014 Inov8 Race Vest Paul Ali 00 Header

Inov8 Race Ultra Vest Review

Judging from peoples kit at Ultra races, 2013 (and maybe 2012) seemed to be the year of the Salomon…

2014 Inov8 Race Ultra 290 Paul Ali 00 Header

Inov8 Race Ultra 290 Shoes Review

 Inov8 Race Ultra 290 The recently released Inov8 Race Ultra 290 seems to be creating a bit of interest…

2014 Running Shoes Header

The Great Big Review of Running Shoes

Whilst I’m still smarting from the GUCR, it’s time for another blog and this time it’s one which…

James Adams Running & Stuff The Book Image Header

Running and Stuff – The Book Review

I recently purchased and finished reading fellow runner, regular Ultra Tales contributor an avid blogger…

Headtorch Review Silva Trail Speed Elite Headband View

Silva Trail Speed Elite Headtorch Review

Introduction The Silva Trail Speed Elite is a multi-purpose head torch designed for use in a range of…

Lenser SE05 01

Lenser SE05 Headlamp Review

I was given the opportunity to test out the LED Lenser SE05 headlamp which I had planned to test…

Ultimate Direction Jurek Endure Waist Hydration Belt 01

Ultimate Direction Jurek Endure Waist Hydration Belt Review

With the upcoming Spartathlon race, I was on the lookout for a new waist pack. My criteria was something…

Drymax Socks Review (Mini Crew Max. Protection)

Drymax Socks Review (Mini Crew Max. Protection)

During the Winter 100 event I had the opportunity to try out the Drymax Mini Crew Maximum Protections…

Book Review: Scott Jurek's "Eat & Run"

Book Review: Scott Jurek’s Eat and Run

I recently read Scott Jureks autobiography “Eat and Run” and my thoughts on the book are detailed…

UltrAspire Omega Kit Review

UltrAspire Omega Kit Review

Overview The UltrAspire Omega was designed as a lightweight pack with sufficient storage capacity to…

UltrAspire Kinetic Kit Review

UltrAspire Kinetic Kit Review

Overview The UltrAspire Kinetic is designed as a performance bottle vest pack, being a light weight race…

UltrAspire Fastpack Review

UltrAspire Fastpack Review

Overview The UltrAspire Fastpack can be considered the big brother of the UltrAspire Kinetic as both…

UltrAspire Spry Race Vest Review

UltrAspire Spry Race Vest Review

Overview The UltrAspire Spry is a lightweight race vest designed for runners who prefer to carry…