2016 Phoenix Riverside Marathon

A brief update to confirm I ran the Phoenix Riverside Marathon event last weekend (19/11), this was the…


2016 Rocky Marathon Weekend

The Rocky Triple weekend was hosted by Enigma Running and involved two marathons on the Saturday and a…

2016 Phoenix Summer Marathon Paul Ali 003

2016 Phoenix Summer Marathon

A quick report on last weeks Phoenix Summer Marathon. I’ve run several of these Marathon events…

2016 Top Gun Marathon Paul Ali 00

2016 Top Grun Marathon

Welcome to Flight School, Pilot. “Good morning, gentlemen, the temperature is 110 degrees” says Rik…

2016 Enigma Marathon Paul Ali 01

2016 Enigma Week at the Knees Marathon

Yesterday I took part in the Enigma “Week at the Knees” Marathon. The overall event was a 7…

2016 Phoenix Marathon Paul Ali 01

2016 Phoenix Marathon

I took part in the first of the Phoenix Firebird Marathon Series yesterday. The series is comprised of…

2016 The Good The Bad & The Ugly Marathon - Paul Ali 00

2016 The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Marathon

I totally and unashamedly ran this event purely for the medal… This was my first Saxon Shore event…

2015 Phoenix End of Year Marathon Paul Ali 02

2015 Phoenix End Year Marathon

My last event of the year was the Phoenix End of Year Marathon, an event which I have taken part…

2015 Portsmouth Marathon Paul Ali 02

2015 Portsmouth Coastal Marathon

Well here we were once again at the Portsmouth Coastal Marathon. This was the third time I was…

2015 Enigma Xmas Marathon 02

2015 Enigma Xmas Marathon

I had lined up a few Marathons over the Xmas period which were designed to be used as training…


2015 Phoenix Marathon

Last weekends Phoenix Marathon was my first race since Greece in September and had been booked as a…

2015 Farnham Pilgrim Marathon Paul Ali 01 Header

2015 Farnham Pilgrim Marathon

The Farnham Pilgrim Marathon was my last planned warm up event before Spartathlon and due to the…

2015 Leilas Run Paul Ali 00 Header

2015 Leilas Run

My next build up event for Spartathlon was “Leila’s Run” a small, low key memorial…

2015 Phoenix Summer Marathon Paul Ali 01

2015 Phoenix Summer Marathon

Glyn, myself and Stouty (Photo by Fi McNelis) The Phoenix Summer Marathon was the second of my planned…

2015 Kent Road Runner Paul Ali 06

2015 Kent Roadrunner Marathon

The Kent Roadrunner is a superbly organised marathon event hosted by Ian Berry / TZ Runs. The event is…

2015 Virgin Money London Marathon Paul Ali 00 Header photo by Rachel Clarke

2015 Virgin Money London Marathon

I had convinced myself it wouldn’t be as good as last year. Last year was the first time I had…

2015 Enigma Marathon Paul Ali 00 Header

2015 Enigma Winter Marathon

Yesterday saw my first race of the year with a run at the Enigma Winter Marathon. Two marathon events…

2014 Phoenix Marathon Paul Ali Header

2014 Phoenix Year End Marathon

I took part in the Phoenix End of Year Marathon yesterday. This was largely a repeat of the November…

2014 Phoenix Marathon Paul Ali

2014 Phoenix Marathon

Today I ran the inaugual Phoenix Marathon (website here) from marathon regular Rik Vercoe. The event was…

2014 Purbeck Marathon Paul Ali 00 Header

2014 Purbeck Marathon

 Pictured by the marathon banner The Purbeck Marathon describes itself as one of the World’s Most…

2014 London Marathon Paul Ali

2014 London Marathon

The London Marathon is an event I always had ambitions of running as a kid having watched the event…

2014 Engima Marathon Header

2014 Enigma Good Friday Marathon

5 days after the London Marathon I took part in the Enigma Good Friday Marathon as my final tune-up…

2013 Portsmouth Medal

2013 Portsmouth Marathon

The Portsmouth Marathon is just about one of the most perfectly timed events there is, running a…

2013 Farnham Marathon Edwina Sutton Paul Navesey 02

2013 Farnham Pilgrim Marathon

I took part in the Farnham Pilgrim Marathon as my final long run before flying out to Greece in…

2013 Thames Meander Paul Ali 02

2013 Thames Meander Marathon

  Mile 1, Matt & Paul picture by Jon Errington I took part in the Thames Meander marathon as…

2012 Portsmout Marathon Thumbnail

2012 Portsmouth Marathon

I took part in the Portsmouth Marathon on the 23rd December. The entry came due to a late injury…

2012 Kent Road Runner Marathon

2012 Kent Road Runner Marathon

Matt Brown and I took part in the inaugural Kent Roadrunner marathon yesterday organised by Ian J Berry.…

2011 Abingdon Marathon Video Thumbnail

2011 Abingdon Marathon

I took part in the 2011 Abingdon Marathon with fellow Fetchies Stouty, Capricorn and a few friends.…

2011 North Dorset Village Marathon Race Video Thumbnail

2011 North Dorset Village Marathon

I took part in the North Dorset Village Marathon with Stouty (Fetch: Stouty) and Matt (Fetch: Cheeky…


2009 New Forest Marathon

This is a bit of a placeholder for a Marathon I ran in 2009 but never really blogged mainly…

2009 Picnic Marthon Photo

2009 Picnic Marathon "The Hardest Marathon in Britain"

I took part in the Picnic Marathon with my ubiquitous companion Paul Stout, the event was dubbed…

2008 Abingdon Marathon

2008 Abingdon Marathon

Paul Stout and Paul Ali competed in the Abingdon Marathon on the 19th October, for both runners this was…