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About Me

2012 Run 24 Event

The blog is generally about long distance running. A few details about my running “career” and background are mentioned below. However, it’s not all about me and I wouldn’t be participating in some of these long distance events without the support of my friends (see below).

I was a former Saturday and Sunday league footballer for many years and Player/Manager of the legendary Earley Gunners FC team. I gave up football in 2007 after suffering a nasty ankle break and decided to take up running having only ever done a few local 10k’s and Half Marathon previously as a way of keeping fit during the football off-season.

I started from zero miles in 2008 after the injury and went straight into the 2009 Thames Path Ultra Marathon with my buddy Paul Stout (Stouty). We then engaged in a series of one upmanship of events which culminated in us both crawling home to the finish line in the 145 mile Grand Union Canal Race in 2010.

Since then, we’ve ran a few more miles, gained a bit more wisdom and experience and completed the GUCR more comfortably again in 2011.

I would describe myself as an “Ultra Marathon Fun Runner” as I don’t take these events too seriously and will often be seen in the middle of the pack, running, chatting, taking pictures, tweeting mid-race and generally having fun.

I also put together the free downloadable UK based Ultra Running community e-magazine “Ultra Tales

My Running Buddies

Paul Stout (Stouty) 

Stouty also graduated from the school of Earley Gunners FC before kindly agreeing to train and run the first Ultra with me.

Since then he has been my ubiquitous companion on the long distance running scene with the back of his legs being a key feature of my race videos.

Matt Brown 

Matt has been our training partner, buddy runner, pacer and crew member on many of our Ultra’s.

During his time off from the above, he is a regular 10k and Half Marathon runner and completed his first Marathon in 2011.

Matt Coggins

Matt has also been a training partner, buddy runner, pacer and crew member.

Matt is a speedy 10k & Half Marathon specialist who finally “went long” and completed his first marathon in 2012.